Create A New Script

For the Script theme, please use a short phrase that hints at the results.
Example: Guarding A Duchess, A Caravan Too Far, etc.

For the Advertisement, please quickly describe the job as it would be advertised by the originator, if applicable.
Example: 4 weeks garrison duty at a local fort. Carry a courier pouch to another city.
Advertisement (200 characters maximum):

Opening Story: He is the opening/setup of the actual script. Details and facts should be here. 1024 characters maximum.

Required Skill-level:
If the tasks involved require a certain skill level to possibly succeed/be offered the job, set this

Required Skill:
if Skill-level is 0, this is unchecked.

Acquirement - in what ways does the character gain access to this?
Generic - it can appear at any point
Private - it can come from a private individual
Guard - from the city guard
Military -from the local military
Ruler - From the local Ruler
Special - requires a unique situation
Bounty - available from bounty hunter
Guild - from the local Thieves' Guild
Mercenary - from mercenary gangs
Freelance - just a job posted

Time To Live:
How many days will this 'job' be available to pick from, if appropriate

How many days (minimum) will the job take - including time travel to start